Monday, April 7, 2008

New LPN Questions

Linkin Park's LPN blogs' have new questions and answers on their site!

Question: Which country would you like to tour most that you haven't been to yet? - maurader
Chester: Israel, South Africa, and Egypt.

Question: What's your favorite car? - Lplova
Joe: I like the Yugo

Question: If you had to pick another band to be in (other than Linkin Park!), which would you pick and why? - nicky808
Rob: I would be stoked if I was good enough to play drums with The Dave Matthews Band.

Question: What is the secret to your success? - djjenkins
Phoenix: Rob Bourdon.

Question: How do you warm up for gigs? - heyman112
Mike: Chill out, stretch, and figure out what I’m going to eat after we play. Tonight is Caesar salad and a steak.
More Questions and Answers here

Also Brad,Chester, Joe , Mike and Phoenix answered some questions.

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