Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mike Talking Projekt Revolution

The Projekt Revolution Tour gets underway tomorrow night in Boston. How does the trek differ from the rest of the summer tours? Since Linkin Park are headlining we put the question to Mike Shinoda.

“You know, this is obviously not an Oz Fest, it’s not a Vans Warped Tour. Some of the bands on this tour have played those bills but I think that there’s definitely a certain niche that we feel this tour fulfills and a lot of our fans seem to agree.”


Monday, July 14, 2008

No such thing as the “second stage” at PR

Projekt Revolution may have two stages, but organizers Linkin Park say there is no such thing as the “second stage” on the trek. Mike Shinoda says, “We made it a point. We don’t call it the second stage. We call it the Revolution Stage just out of respect for the other bands. They’re not second class citizens as far as we’re concerned. I’ve been on tours….where they wouldn’t let the second stage bands into the main stage area and I think that is horses***.” Chester Bennington says the tour Shinoda is referring to is Ozzfest, and though they were treated very well by The Osbournes, it was definitely a struggle. The vocalist says that during the trek, they had to find ways to fit in as they didn’t exactly match the typical Ozzfest audience. “That’s one thing we definitely didn’t want to have happen [with Projekt Revolution],” says Bennington. “We want diversity and we want people to come through the door with the idea that they’re going to see things that they probably wouldn’t see together in a normal situation….And we wanted to make sure that everyone from the opening act all the way through to the end of the day felt like they had their time and that they had the best opportunity they could and had everything they wanted to put on the best show they can put on.”