Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Linkin Park's commitee of One

Linkin Park is very organized as a band, so much so that they’ve assigned committees within the group to deal with certain situations. For instance, singer Chester Bennington and Rob Bourdon are part of the touring committee that put together the Projekt Revolution lineup. When asked about Mike Shinoda’s responsibility, Chester Bennington joked that he was the sole member of the laser and pyro committee. Shinoda says it’s not a committee, but more of a club where they have get-togethers with buffets of food from various countries, but since he’s the only person in the club, he not only gets the food, but eats it. However, Shinoda says people are more than welcome to come to his laser and pyro club if they want. The two LP rockers laugh that they are hoping to incorporate laser beams in their show, but are worried about possibly disintegrating audience members.


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