Thursday, March 6, 2008


Some quotes from Chester and Mike.

Chester: "Make some noise for Mike Shinoda. That is one fucking talented man right there."
Mike: "You're just saying that 'cause I got family in the house."
Chester: "And he's extremely handsome, too. Look at that guy."
Mike: "Hahahaha."
Chester: "You know, I can't say enough wonderful good things about Mike. I'm just glad he's in my band, you know what I'm saying?"
Mike: "You're terrible. The only reason you're saying that is because you lost a bet to me earlier. We were playing poker."
Chester: "I do owe you a lot of money so hopefully that takes off for about twenty bucks or something."
[Detroit, Michigan, 16th February 2008]

MTV: "You guys really don't know what your next single's going to be?"
Chester: "We have no idea."
Mike: "Good job, Chester. Good boy."
[Made to be broken/MTV interview Mar 9 2001]

MTV: "Let's talk a bit about how you guys started up the band. How did having the two of you as singers come about?"
Chester: "I'm actually a lab experiment. I was raised in a petri dish at the UCLA biomedical center."
Mike: "And we just grew to like him, so we kept him around."
Chester: "And I just grew."
[Made to be broken/MTV interview March 9 2001]

Q: "What do you guys do for fun?"
Chester: "We make fun of Mike's head"

Chester: "Family values means to us that Mike can wear a dress on the bus and we'll still love him."

Interviewer: "Who has the worst habits in the band?"
Chester: "I would say that I'm probably the most annoying. There's a reason for it."
Mike: "NO!"(why did he freak out? :P)
Brad: "C'mon Chester!"
Chester: "I'm always touching them in their privates!"
Brad: "Yeah, Chester the molester!"

Mike: "I'm not a very reading person, I like to look at pictures."
Chester: "Mike likes porno."
Mike: "I don't like porno. I like graphics..."

Mike: "Chester? He likes to show off his butt. He wouldn't have the tights that most wrestlers have. He would have a g-string."
[Shoutweb Interview 2000]

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